When I took the position at iostudio, I had no idea how much I was going to learn. I will always look back on those days with fondness and appreciation. As our video team grew, so did our capabilities and our drive to create the most epic and innovative content possible. Creatively, we were amazing, and technically, we were nothing short of impressive. We came up with crazy concepts and even crazier tricks for execution. In a world where thinking outside the box is often only encouraged in theory, I can say with confidence that this experience taught me that the only limits we have are self imposed, and that absolutely anything is possible. Thanks you Andrew House formaking me a part of this team, and thank you iostudio for giving me an opportunity to shine as a creative artist. Check out some of the cool movies we made!

iostudio: Nossi College of Art “Real Work” (Client, Extended Cut)

iostudio: Bulwork “Lifestyles” (client)

iostudio: Redkap “Your Shirts” (client)

iostudio: “The Breakroom” (internal)

iostudio: “Fishbowl” (internal)

iostudio: “Don’t Leave Me, Behind” (internal)

iostudio: “The Sound of Music (City)” (Client)

iostudio: Lee Company Behind The Scenes

iostudio: Nossi College of Art Behind The Scenes


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